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International Symposium of Obstetrics care ISOC was conceived as an event that unites specialists from perinatal sphere who support and develop a humane approach to childbirth in different countries. Every year ISOC takes place in the different country. The purpose of the event is the integration of knowledge, skills and practices in such areas as human science, medicine, psychology, obstetrics, and their application in the accomplishment of motherhood and childhood. What makes this event different is orientation to the sphere of needs of the specific person and family in obstetrics and perinatology. Annually the topic of the ISOC is defined by the most pressing issues of perinatology. The event is of theoretical and practical nature. Choosing the clinic for the event is also defined by the principle of the humanity of providing the help. Our trips contribute to the development of the personal relationships between professionals, countries, clinics and patients. The idea of the #ISOC is to find solutions to the most important and acute questions in obstetrics.

Every year ISOC takes place in a new country. It’s a non-commercial project.

In 2018 ICOS will take place in Russia, Moscow.

 ISOC history:

ISOC 2015 Finland ISOC 2015 Estonia ISOC 2016 Austria ISOC 2017 Slovenia ISOC 2018 Russia

The place for ISOC2018 was selected Russia, Moscow. The event will be held on the basis of the Perinatal Medical Center from 22 to 23 September 2018. The main theme of the ISOC2018 is “Interaction: midwife, doula, doctor, woman, family”.

Program of the event:

Theoretical part of ISOC2018

22nd of September 2018

9.00 Opening. Welcome speech.

9.30 Krasilnikova “Is preparation to childbirth nessesary?”

10.00 Generalova. “The ideal team for childbirth. Interaction of the team members”.

10.00 Yana Chelkhar. “Different experiences of work with doulas”.

10.30 Vuchenovich. “Interaction of obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist with the specialist of individual support during childbirth”.

11.30 Boradyntseva. “Doula: assistant or rival”.

12.00 Coffee break

12.30 E. Zhytomirskaya-Shekhtman

13.30 Chebotareva

14.00 S. Votiakova “Communication in the delivery room”.

14.30 Kseniya Maya-Leban

15.00 Anhelika Rodler

15.30 Closing of the theoretical part, summing up the results

23rd of September 2018

Practical part (visiting is possible at the invitation by organizers)

Visit to the hospital, discussions on the protocol and help strategies on special situations, participation in the work of the maternity and the operating room.


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Organizers of the ISOC2018
Medico-Psychological center Gaja
Institute of perinatal psychology, Slovenia
Perinatal medical center, Moscow
Perinatal specialist’s society, St. Petersburg

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